3 full days of action-packed content

Conference Agenda

First Day 27 April, 2021
Second Day 28 April 2021
Third Day 29 April, 2021

Opening address

8:55 am to 9:00 am

When great is not enough

In a world of overwhelming content density, sometimes even being โ€œgreatโ€ is not enough. After youโ€™ve followed all the rules and best practices, how do you stand out? You need momentum. We need to build another path to build momentum for our ideas, careers, and businesses. Author and eminent marketer...

Content discovery by reading the minds of your target audience

Do you have your ear to the ground listening to what your target audience likes, dislikes or feels excited about? What exactly is trending amongst those in select demographics and how do you createย contentย that will truly resonate with those youโ€™re presenting it to? Social listening should not be an afterthought...

Why your content and editorial calendar is failing you and your business

There are common reasons and mistakes that render your content calendar useless, here are the ways to avoid them and a template that shows you how to build a content calendar.

First, you have to be human

Humanising your content needs to be at the forefront of your influence and content strategy.

Enjoy a screen siesta

11:05 am to 11:15 pm

The power of sound: sonic content strategies

How do you write about something that wonโ€™t be read? Furnish your content strategy with an audio experience and learn to make podcasts, music, and narrated stories as part of your content plan.

What neuroscience teaches us about creating genuinely memorable content

Psychology is the shortcut to effective content that achieves whatever goals you set, improve user experience, and make long-lasting impact. And it’s as simple as adhering to 5 principles.

My career in content

Hear from a master creator how they carved out a piece of the world with their unique take on creating content that people just can’t get enough of.


1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Just because you can doesnโ€™t mean you should โ€“ debunking content myths for 2021

Say no to content fake news, this is a low down on advice and suggestions going outdated and irrelevant, how to interpret what’s happening right now, and what you should be doing in response.

Evergreen content โ€“ perks of repurposable material

Let’s be honest โ€“ it’s simply impossible to produce an endless stream of brand-new content every single day, especially given time and resource constraints. That’s why you need to prioritise content that doesn’t go out of date learn to repurpose existing content into another format or for another platform.

Enjoy a screen siesta

3:00 pm to 3:15 pm

Producing content at scale: tips and tricks

Generate hundreds of content ideas quickly and easily.

Engineer experiences that inspire action in an unpredictable world

At the end of the day, you want to know that the content you put out has made a change in the world, in form of convincing a customer to make a purchase or to convert someone from a non-believer to a believer.

Responding to and aligning with societal issues

Customers increasingly expect the content they interact with to provide them with meaningful information relating to the social issues and trends they care about. Realising the value of purpose of this type of content and your intent will help avoid massive faux pas.

End of day 1

5:15 pm

Welcome Remarks

9:25 am to 9:30 am

Surviving COVID as a marketer

It has been a tumultuous year with many ups and downs, as well as unexpected challenges that required rapid solutions as well as culture and behaviour shifts that called for an overhaul of established practices. Hear from a fellow marketer who’s seen it, done it, and came out on top...

The fight starts within

It’s all well and good to fight for clout amongst customers, but if the people you work with donโ€™t see the value, your hard work will never get the exposure it deserves. Strengthen the role of content within your structure and work better with different internal stakeholders.

The fight starts within (panel discussion)

Continuing from the previous session, we’ll hear from more speakers on the importance of rallying your internal stakeholders and bringing them to be part of your content and communications strategy

Build a following in new markets

Hereโ€™s a story of how to build a loyal and dedicated subscriber base across Asia Pacific with a content-led marketing approach by a product thatโ€™s originally largely English-based; how long it takes to reach critical mass and how to continually thrive in new markets.

Enjoy a screen siesta

11:10 am to 11:25 am

Copywriting RULES

You cannot rise above the noise when your emails, your white paper, your ads, your videos and everything you throw into your content bucket are largely ignored, and usually the biggest problem is that your copy sucks. Here is a copywriting workshop to change the way you go about this...

Executing Global and Local Strategies as the โ€˜Brand Behind the Brandsโ€™ (A Case Study)

Successfully managing a big-name brand that executes multiple strategies both globally and locally during a global pandemic is an impressive achievement. Doing it for 150+ brands of different varieties (e.g. Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Moschino, Venchi, and many others) requires a level of planning, collaboration, communication, visibility and automation that...

Post-Pandemic Era โ€“ How organizations can cope with the shift of customer experience centric business operation?

In this session, we will talk about self-service optimization, bridging between Customer Services and Marketing, and to shift from third party data to first party data collection.


1:10 pm to 2:00 pm

Audience growth on budget

Build a content system for all intents for the bootstrapped marketer.

Hear me out: publish and disseminate content the right way

How do you know and choose the right time and the right platform to let your creative content into the wild?

Enjoy a screen siesta

3:05 pm to 3:20 pm

Neutrality or authenticity: a post-truth era soul search

As we find ourselves in polarizing situations increasingly often, you need to walk that fine line, find the best way to be true to your beliefs while not alienating any of your fan base.

Mid-event recap

Enjoying the show so far?ย  Let’s have a 20-minute recap of what has been discussed so far since yesterday.ย  Get the lowdown on what’s been happening (and probably what you missed if you just joined in)!

The Content Dilemma: Make More or Matter More

Content creators and strategists are at crossroads at times whether to make more content and win by volume or create less but much more impactful content.ย  Where should you stand in this?

Winfluence: Changing the entire influencer game plan

Rethink influencer marketing and why developing strategies around KOLs with enormous audiences could be that one campaign that can fail your business.

End of day 2

5:30 pm

Welcome Remarks

9:25 am to 9:30 am

Unlocking content insights from your customers

Consumer trends and insights are the cornerstone of inspiration for your content strategy. Concepts and ideas typically spring from what is gleaned as interest and strong awareness from the market. Youโ€™ll only be in good shape if you pack this in your arsenal and know where to look for the...

Mobilising a content community

Find and secure valuable partnerships with other content creators and distributors, use customers-generated content to create buzz, and mobilise your brand leaders, sale and communication departments to create new distribution channels.

Enjoy a screen siesta

11:05 am to 11:20 am

Conversion tactics across multiple touchpoints

Strategic email CTAs and realigning content optimization goals in an age of zero-clicks and no cookies.

Micro-moment optimisation

The customer journey now consists of thousands of moments and tiny interactions: when they visit websites, social media, apps, or do a web search. Capturing their attention and implanting yourself into their subconscious is paramount now more than ever.


1:00 pm to 2:20 pm

Engage and win diverse audiences and customers with inclusive content

When your organisation develops marketing or communication campaigns, are you speaking to your whole audience or excluding people?ย  This immersive session will explore inclusive content and communications and ask how global and local brands can represent themselves in a way that resonates with marginalized and underrepresented groups.

Unleash your Creativity: Digital Content Redefined

How has trends of AI, AR/VR, blockchain and NFTs redefined digital content marketing? These days, digital content has moved beyond mere copywriting and visual graphics. A more holistic definition should include elements of disruptive technology applied to enhance the user interactive experience and format of presentation. This session showcase how...

Enjoy a screen siesta

3:40 pm to 3:50 pm

Metrics that actually matter

Find out whether your content is truly effective by figuring out the measurement techniques that fit your overall organisational goals, and the tools that can help you.

Winning offline players in an online world (A Case Study)