Andy Knight

Born in Malaysia and raised between Hong Kong and the UK to mixed-race parents, David (Andy) Knight is a quintessential mixed-up Hong Kong kid. Having been immersed in Hong Kong and Chinese cultures from childhood, Knight is fluent in Cantonese and English and has a decent grasp of Mandarin. When combined with a love of technology, working in China tech was a natural step.

Knight began a freelance writing career at the age of 18 while still in university, and words have been a cornerstone of his work ever since. Prior to his current role, Knight was Head of Brand Voice at DJI where he was part of a small team of four that created an iconic brand for what is now one of China’s most valuable companies.

Today Knight is Creative Content Director and Head of Global Brand at Roborock, a Beijing-based home robotics company specializing in robot vacuums. He is tasked with positioning the company to compete with the biggest brands on the market.