Terry Leong

Terence is Group CCO of KKBOX Group where his work focuses on driving content strategy across business and leads the Ideation Lab, which oversees the incubation of new services, technologies and applications that have the potential to reshape the industry landscape. He co-founded theFARM, KKBOX Group’s music venture fund and is an advisor to music label start up founders and artists seeking unconventional career paths in the Digital Age. He is also co-founder of one of the world’s first music NFT platforms OURSONG, a place where music creators and fans can create, sell and trade music content and sentiments as a digital asset. Prior to this, Terence has spent almost two decades as an award winning music producer and record executive working for major recording artists, labels, brands and motion pictures throughout the Asia Pacific region. He is also a songwriter and beatmaker with no formal training and knowledge of music theory. Born in Singapore, he grew up between Singapore, Honolulu and the Bay Area and is currently based in Taiwan. He is a passionate reader who is a strong proponent of lifelong learning. He believes that there is nothing more precious than the acquisition and proliferation of knowledge and life experiences. He is a member of the Executive Education teaching team at Stanford Graduate School of Business’s LEAD program. He enjoys watching sunsets on rooftops in urban city settings.